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It verifies VTP advertisements are being exchanged. It verifies the VTP domain name is V1. Email Refer to the exhibit. Which two facts can be confirmed by this output?

Choose two. This switch shows no configuration revision errors. This switch has established two-way communication with the neighboring devices. This switch is configured to allows the network manager to maximize bandwidth by restricting traffic to specific network devices. A network administrator is replacing a failed switch with a switch that was previously on the network. What precautionary step should the administrator take on the replacement switch to avoid incorrect VLAN information from propagating through the network?

Enable VTP pruning. Change the VTP domain name.

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Change the VTP mode to client. Change all the interfaces on the switch to access ports. Which two statements are true about VTP pruning? Pruning is enabled by default. Pruning can only be configured on VTP servers. Pruning must be configured on all VTP servers in the domain.

Pruning will prevent unnecessary flooding of broadcasts across trunks. What are two features of VTP client mode operation?

What does a client mode switch in a VTP management domain do when it receives a summary advertisement with a revision number higher than its current revision number?

It suspends forwarding until a subset advertisement update arrives. It issues an advertisement request for new VLAN information. It increments the revision number and forwards it to other switches.

It deletes the VLANs not included in the summary advertisement.

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It issues summary advertisements to advise other switches of status changes. Switch1 is not participating in the VTP management process with the other switches that are shown in the exhibit.

What are two possible explanations for this? Switch1 is in client mode. Switch2 is in server mode. Switch2 is in transparent mode.

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Switch1 is in a different management domain. Switch1 has end devices that are connected to the ports.

Online Refer to the exhibit. All switches in the network participate in the same VTP domain. The switch operates as a VTP client. S3 can be elected as a secondary bridge. S1 will automatically adjust the priority to be the highest. Which statement describes a characteristic of OSPF external routes?

The cost of a type 1 route is always the external cost, regardless of the interior cost to reach that route. The difference between type 1 and type 2 is in the way the cost of the route is being calculated. By default, how many equal cost routes to the same destination can be installed in the routing table of a Cisco router?

Its topology table contains two feasible successors to the same network. What action will the router take? The best alternative backup route is immediately inserted into the routing table. The DUAL algorithm is recomputed to find an alternate route.

The router uses the default route. A network administrator is analyzing first-hop router redundancy protocols. What is a characteristic of VRRPv3? It allows load balancing between routers. VRRPv3 is Cisco proprietary. It supports IPv6 and IPv4 addressing. What is the function of STP in a scalable network? It combines multiple switch trunk links to act as one logical link for increased bandwidth. It protects the edge of the enterprise network from malicious activity.

It disables redundant paths to eliminate Layer 2 loops. Route summarization results in high network traffic and router overhead.

Routes within an area are summarized by the ABR.This switch is configured to allows the network manager to maximize bandwidth by restricting traffic to specific network devices. Suppose that routers B, C, and D have a default priority, and router A has a priority 0.

Billy again reaches a point of exhaustion in his effort to fell the giant sycamore tree. Which word correctly completes the following sentence? Gaps are frequently caused by a lack of transparency and communication.

This switch has established two-way communication with the neighboring devices.