I've written a short chess puzzle eBook which is free on site site I'm writing a longer puzzle eBook for players ~ which has. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying Chess Puzzles Mate in Two White to Move L aszl o Polg ar. Oliver Dyar is raising funds for Chess puzzles in your pocket: a new eBook on Kickstarter! A great collection of puzzles to take and enjoy.

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When a top grandmaster was asked why he didn't write a book on chess, he replied, "It's a lot of hardwork!" Surely writing a chess book takes a. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Anthea Carson is dedicated to helping beginning chess site Store · site eBooks · Humor & Entertainment . This chess book has SIMPLE one-move-capture chess puzzles for kids and beginners . Beautiful Chess Puzzles - site edition by Rucha Pujari. Download it or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Beautiful Chess Puzzles. site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Humor & Entertainment.

The positions are completely new and ideas, fresh. Presenting in this book hand-picked chess combinations for you to solve and admire. Journey: The journey to achieve this final product started in , it was a long voyage, let me divide it into two stages. The first part of the year was spent on brainstorming, discussions with the publisher - Asim Periera, and generating ideas. This part was very important to get a direction to proceed. Where to start? This is an open-ended question, so the approach was not to arrive at a solution but to create many options and ideas.

What will be the book about? How to collect the data for it?

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How to organize this data? How to make this interesting and unique? What will the readers gain from this ebook? The later part of was specifically spent on developing and shaping the book.

It took longer than expected to finish, as it was not easy to get back in the momentum whenever there was a break, for example when I went away to play in tournaments. Also I started a Chess Academy in Kolhapur in September, and the work on the ebook somehow got delayed. As I look back today, I see that all the time spent on this ebook was worth it. The initial database that I started working with contained more than ten thousand games. My task was to search beautiful combinations from them.

One of the important aspects is that, most of the puzzles selected for this ebook are taken from the recent games.

Due to this, the readers will get to see new combinations and fresh ideas. Throughout the preparation of the material, the focus always remained on quality. A laptop, chess set, paper, pen, marker and a loads of hard work are the ingredients to cook a good book! Work in progress at a glance!

In Search of Aesthetics: Hundreds of years, millions of games, and yet we keep on finding more and more beauty in this game. Going through thousands of games, I came across wonderful ideas, fascinating plans and unexpected moves. Let me share with you examples from this ebook. Try to solve them on your own before looking at the solutions. The above position is from the chapter - Not an Everyday Move.

Solution: Here Black plays 1…Rg3!! A spectacular move 2. Solution: Did you find the idea?

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Bxc4 Rxc4 2. Check out the FAQ.

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The hall of fame section will feature five puzzles and an individual dedicated thank you beneath each puzzle to each backer for helping make this book a reality! Fame and a game!

A special thank you in the hall of fame section, and we'll also play a game of online chess together. As the eBook's featured sponsor you'll get a full page to use as you wish - image, text, anything. Perfect for a chess supplier or chess website. Thank you! Jul 31, - Sep 29, 60 days.

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Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Chess puzzles in your pocket: A great collection of puzzles to take and enjoy anywhere in the world - have fun, challenge yourself, and become a better chess player!

Oliver Dyar. Share this project. Torquay, UK Nonfiction.

Support Select this reward. For every backer on Kickstarter, I'll create one extra puzzle for the book Less. Estimated delivery Nov Kickstarter is not a store.

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She has written around 35 articles in a weekly column of a very famous Marathi newspaper, where she talked about Chess and life of a sportsperson. In Search of Aesthetics: Hundreds of years, millions of games, and yet we keep on finding more and more beauty in this game.

Solutions are given in full for the benefit of those who are not far advanced in the Problem Art. I would like to thank the publisher, Asim Pereira, for his kind help and for giving me this opportunity. Try to solve them on your own before looking at the solutions. It's a way to bring creative projects to life.